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EEPROM Resetter (General Tools) for Canon Pixma iP1300

Written By admin on November 28, 2009 | 9:00 PM

Applicable models:
Canon Pixma iP1300,iP1700
This is a EEPROM resetter (General Tools) for Canon Inkjet Printer Pixma iP1300 series. Due to its convertibility in mechanical and electrical system, It's can be used to perform various service actions both for Canon Pixma iP1300 and Canon Pixma iP1700 model.
Here some of service actions that we can do with this resetter:
  • Clear (reset) waste ink counter
  • Clear EEPROM data
  • Change the printer model name
  • etc
Get this tools!

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Setting Ink Cartridge Canon Pixma ip1980: Keep Printing When Only One Cartridge Has Ink Inside

Written By admin on November 24, 2009 | 4:24 PM

Applicable Models: 
Canon Pixma iP series: iP1300,iP1700,iP1200,iP1600,iP2200,and iP1880
  One day a visitor left comment in comment box asking:
Is it true that ip1980 can't print while only one catridge operation. So, how i can keep printing when only 1 catridge that contain ink?
Thanks to Arcava who has left her comment in my previous post Product Review: Canon Pixma ip1980. The question gives me a fresh idea to write this post for you all.
Have you ever experienced the problem like Arcava got?. And how can you solve the problem?.
 Well, I will start by answering the question listed above. That's right that Canon Pixma ip1980 can't print when only one cartridge is installed. We must install all the cartridges both black and color.
So, how can we keep printing if you have just one cartridge with the ink inside while other is empty?. Alright, to get your printer keep printing under this condition you must specify ink cartridge for printing in the printer driver properties. You can find this function under Maintenance tab.

 The following steps will lead you how to set (specify) ink cartridge of Canon Pixma iP1980 for printing:

  1. Set all the printer cartridge both black and color cartridge (including the empty one)
  2. Right click on printer driver properties
  3. Click Maintenance tab
  4. Click on Ink Cartridge Setting mark
  5. In pop up menu, select the cartridge which has ink inside (black only or color only).
Now your printer will keep printing by using only one cartridge that you specify in Ink Cartridge Setting menu.

Note: It's not recommended to install empty cartridge in your printer for long time due to thermal issue. I promise to discuss it later, okay?

Source: Service Manual
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Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma MP110 (Complete Steps)

Written By admin on November 22, 2009 | 10:57 AM

Applicable Models:
Canon Pixma MP110,MP130
In the previous post I have written the procedure how to reset waste ink counter Canon Pixma MP110 to fix absorber full error. I split the procedure in to part: enter service mode and reset procedure itself. If you don't like the split procedure here I rewrite the complete one.

I. Enter Service Mode
    • Turn ON the printer
    • Press these button in the following order correctly: MENU,SCAN,COPY,SCAN
    II. Reset Waste Ink Counter
    • Press right arrow untill 'COUNTER ACCESS' appears
    • Press OK
    • Press right arrow untill 'ABS-M DOT COUNT' appears
    • Press COPY button
    • Set 'ABS-M DOT COUNT' to 0 by pressing left arrow
    • Press OK
    • Press STOP/RESET to exit service mode
      Your printer should work normally now.
      Download the procedure here

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      Error Types of Canon Printer

      Written By admin on November 12, 2009 | 7:46 PM

      Generally, there are two types of error in Canon inkjet printer:
      • Operator Call Error
      • Service Call Error
      Operator Call Error is error in Canon inkjet printer at user level that might be overcame by the user with guidance of service engineer of Canon printer online from Canon Service Center. This error is represented by LED indicator blinking in orange.
      Service Call Error is error in Canon inkjet printer which cannot be overcame by the user. The printer needs some service actions in Canon Service Center and it may need some printer parts replacement too. This error is represented by LED indicator blinking in orange/green alternately.
      In order to know how to identify an error of Canon inkjet printers accurately, please check here for more details!
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      Enter Service Mode: Method II

      Written By admin on November 11, 2009 | 8:10 PM

      Related Models:
      Canon i series:  i250,I255,I320I,350,I355
      Canon Pixma series: ip1000,ip1200,ip1500,ip1600,ip2200,ip1300,ip1700,ip1880,ip1980
      This post will guide you how to enter service mode of Canon inkjet printers of models listed above. Please read carefully the following procedure.


      • While the printer is in OFF condition, press and hold down POWER button
      • Plug in power cable
      • Press RESUME/CANCEL button twice in a row

      Now, the printer is already in service mode and the power lamp is standing by. We can access various service actions from this printer mode such as: reset waste ink counter, clear EEPROM data,check page counter,etc.

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      Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma MP160

      Applicable Models:
      Canon Pixma MP180,MP170,MP150,MP145
      As we know that we need to reset waste ink counter of the Canon inkjet printers to fix waste ink absorber full error. Please follow below procedure to reset waste ink counter Canon Pixma MP160.


      I. Enter Service Mode:
      • Plug in power cable
      • Hold down STOP/RESET button
      • Hold down POWER button
      • Release STOP/RESET
      • Press STOP/RESET twice in a row

      II.Execute Waste Ink Counter Reset Operation:
      • Press STOP/RESET button 4 times (Indicator lamp will blink alternately Orange/Green each time the button is pressed)
      • Turn off the printer by pressing POWER button (wait until the printer is completely OFF)
      When you turn on the printer,waste ink absorber full error is cleared and the printer work normally.
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      Links List

      Written By admin on November 07, 2009 | 5:03 AM

      After so long time I let this blog alone now it's time to get in touch with other blog via link list. Any blog please welcome. Please set my link,left your request in comment on this post and I set your link back.

      Here my blog you should set with:
      Anchor text: Inkjet Printer Zone
      URL: http://ij-forum.blogspot.com
      Category: Computer (if any)

      Please state this information in your comment:
      Anchor text: ....
      URL: ....
      Category: ...

      Many thanks,


      Printer Manual & Parts Catalog

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      Canon Pixma MX308: Service Call Error 6000

      Written By admin on November 03, 2009 | 8:46 PM

      Error Code: 6000
      Related Models:
      Canon Pixma MX308,MX318,MX700,MX850,MX7600
      Have you ever experienced that your Canon Pixma MX308 displays 'Service Call Error 6000' on LCD?. At the same time the printer cannot feed the paper at all. So,what happen with the printer?. Now, we'll discuss about this problem.

      Service Call Error 6000 is error code generated by the printer when the Line Feed error occurs. The error rises since Line Feed (LF) encoder signal has problem causes the printer fail in line feeding process.

      The problem may happen under the following conditions:

      • Logic board fail in reading the LF encoder signal
      • LF sensor is faulty
      • Drive assy broken
      Here are the remedial actions:
      • Replace logic board
      • Replace LF sensor
      • Replace drive assy
      Oh yes, I have unique experience with this problem. One day I found the problem and did all above actions but no result. What's wrong???. After observing the printer behaviour, I found that paper feed motor belt was set too tight gave heavy load to the motor. The problem resolved after the belt of paper feed motor was loosen. Bingo..!
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