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August 10, 2008

Reset Waste Ink Counter (Clearing Waste Ink Absorber Full Error) for Group B

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canon i250,255,320,350,355
canon pixma ip1000,1200,1300,1500,1600,1700,1800,1880,2200,2580 etc.

Hi everybody! In the previous post I have told you how to reset waste ink counter for group A. Now I will explain how to fix Waste Ink Absorber Error for printer categorized in Group B (see also ..). One of type of this group is ip1000. Well, here is the procedure.

To reset waste ink counter for group B, perform the following step:
  1. Enter service mode.
  2. Connect USB cable (you may also connect USB cable before entering service mode, no problem).
  3. Run General Tool for each series from your computer; select below procedure which appropriate with your printer model.

For i320/xnu i320

  • Select USB port
  • In destination set: choose 1 for xnu i320, or choose 2 for i320.
  • Exit general tool and run your printer as usual.

For i250 series (255/350/355), ip1000,ip1500

  • Select USB port
  • Mark EEPROM clear check box.
  • Click Test Pattern button, wait until a pattern completely printed.
  • Exit general tool and run your printer as usual.
Note: ip1000 & have the same procedure with i255 series.

For ip1200 series (1200/1600/2200), ip13000 series (1300/1700), ip1880

  • Select USB port
  • Click waste ink counter: Main & Platen
  • Exit general tool and run your printer as usual.
If you dont't have EEPROM resetter (general tool) yet, you can follow the link provided in this blog.

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dr. Canon said...

Here are download links for General Tools support for this post:
Canon i250,255,350,355
Canon i320
Canon pixma ip1000
Canon pixma ip1500
Canon pixma ip1200,1600,2200
Canon pixma ip1880
For Canon pixma ip1300 series will be coming soon

dr. Canon said...

To download, just copy and paste links above to your browser

Anonymous said...

LIFESAVER!!! thank you!