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October 31, 2009

Canon Pixma MX Series: Fax Memory Reception

Related Models:
Canon Pixma MX308,MX318,MX700,MX850,MX7600,etc.
"My machine cannot print a fax. The document received in memory instead. at the same time I see the In Use/Memory lamp is lit"
A friend submit the problem on and request for the solution. Well,now we'll discuss about this topic. When the machine shows message 'Received in Memory' on the LCD and lamp 'In Use/Memory' is lit then it will not be able to print incoming fax document.
This case may happen under one of the following conditions:
  • Ink has run out: Replace the FINE cartridge or ink tank
  • Paper has run out: Load the paper anda press the OK button
  • A different size of paper that specified by page size is loaded: Load the same size of paper as that specified by Page size then press the OK button
  • Page size is set to other than A4,8.5"X11" (LTR) 8.5"X14" (Legal): Set Page size to A4, 8.5"X11" (LTR) 8.5"X14" (Legal)
  • Media type is set to other than Plain paper: Set Media type to Plain paper
  • You pressed the STOP button to cancel printing of a fax: Press the FAX button
  • The machine is not set in FAX mode (but in COPY or SCAN mode): Press the FAX button
Once the problems are resolved as described, the fax document received in memory is printed automatically.

October 28, 2009

Error Message: Check Ink U041

Related Models:
Canon Pixma MX300,MX318,MX700,MX850,etc
The error message 'Check ink U041' appears in LCD display when the ink indicated by the error message start running low or running out. At the same time, error message 'The following ink may have run out. Replace ink tank' shows in monitor. Since few amount of ink stays remain in cartridge sponge, we may continue printing few pages by deactivate ink level detection function.

October 27, 2009

Printer Part: Logic Board

A main board (logic board) in a inkjet printer plays it main role as a control center of the inkjet printer operation. It arrange all of mechanical systems (such as paper feeding system, purging system,etc) and electrical systems (such as sensor,heater,carriage unit,motor driver,data transfer to/from computer,etc).
The logic board provides important data (EEPROM data) that contains data such as: page counter, time setting, waste ink absorber counter, error code history, etc.
The data that stored by the logic board is very useful for troubleshooting the printer problems.

October 25, 2009

Printer Part: Carriage Unit

Carriage unit (carriage part) is one of main inkjet printer part. Act as house of cartridge (print head) , it plays important role in an inkjet printer . Most of major brand of inkjet printer manufacturer such as Hewlett-Packard (hp), Epson, Lexmark, Canon , etc; adopt this part in all of their product. The carriage unit is driven by a carriage motor to move the cartridge right and left to exact position of ink drop zone on media surface. Smooth carriage unit movement ensure good printing quality due precise ink dropping position.
Any disturbance on carriage unit movement may cause some bad print out,even in some cases it may cause error code 5100 shows in monitor or LCD of the printer.

October 18, 2009

Error Message: The Following Ink Tank cannot be Recognized (U043)

Related model:
Canon Pixma MX700,MX850,MX7600

Have you ever seen this message 'The following ink tank cannot be recognized (U043)' appears in your Canon Pixma MX700 LCD?. What is it means?. This error message indicates that ink related problem happens. But, it may not exactly the problem is ink tank. You need to be wise to not judge that ink tank must be faulty. Please check this related post to know more.

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Error Message: Ink Tank not Installed

Related Models:
Canon Pixma MX700,MX850,MX7600,etc


Ink Tank Cannot be Recognized

Error Code:
U043 (displasy in LCD)
1660 (displasy in PC monitor)

This error occurs when ink tank indicated by the error message cannot be detected by the printer (printer assume that ink tank is absent). In other word,no communication between ink tank and printer board.
If you get this problem do not rush to conclusion that ink tank is faulty. Ink tank cannot be recognized due to several reasons: ink tank not installed properly,ink tank chip (built in) is faulty, carriage unit is faulty, and last logic board is faulty (rarely).
So,here is some remedial action you should do:
  • Remove and reinstall ink tank properly,confirm that the LED's of all ink tanks light reds.
  • Replace ink tank
  • Replace carriage unit
  • Replace logic board
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October 10, 2009

Carriage Error

This is one of most common problem of Canon inkjet printer. The error happens when carriage unit (carriage part) is faulty so that carriage unit cannot read film encoder properly. As a result, carriage unit movement no more under printer board's control.
But note that in some cases, dirty film timing slit strip (Horizontal film encoder;available in Canon i series,pixma series) may cause the same symptom.

Remedial action:
  • Replace carriage unit
  • Wipe film timing slit strip with moistened clothes
  • Replace film timing slit strip

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October 02, 2009

PIXMA: Behind Logo Type Design

PI = Pixel; represent the highest image quality.
= Maximum and Power; represent the greatest speed.

In this chance we talk about history of Canon inkjet printer PIXMA series name and logo type design.

The 'X' in the PIXMA logo type design expresses the Canon approach. The 'X' symbolize the close link beetwen input and ouput.As the world's only manufaccturer with technological capabilities from the input through output stages,Canon will continue to deliver prouducts that can print extremely precise input with the highest quality and greatest speed. This 'X' represent this goal that only Canon can achieve.

The three types of DNA backing up the PIXMA commitment.

EOS Digital DNA: Photographic Technology

This is the EOS Digital DNA from Canon's starting point: cameras.

imageRUNNER DNA: Copier Technology
PIXMA image processing is conducted through the incorporation of advanced digital color-copier technology.

Inkjet printing technology DNA: Print Head Technology
This is the inkjet printing technology DNA. Canon's print head technology,which stands at the apex of the world's inkjet printers,serves as the foundation for PIXMA .