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June 04, 2008

Reset Waste Ink Absorber Counter Without replacing Ink Absorber. Is it wise?

Some of us probably has ever experienced that our printer ink absorber is full. Then we find out EEPROM Resetter and it user guide in the web. Thanks god, we finally got it. After using this software we replace ink absorber, abracadabra, and the printer run properly without showing message “Waste Ink Absorber is Full”. Is the problem over? Frankly, it is not recommended to reset waste ink counter without replacing ink absorber. I do not suggest you to do this more than one times. Why? Here is the explanation. The printer counts every droplet that has made for each colour and records total number of droplet overall. When the droplet that has made rise to 95 % of ink absorber capacity, printer shows message “Waste Ink Absorber Almost Full” until the printer stop to operate.

If you reset waste ink counter without replacing ink absorber, means that you are about to overload ink absorber. If you only do this one time, it may be tolerable. Be carefull if you do this more than one time, because it can flood your printer and harm other part. As a simple example, often ink flood make feed roller become dirt and leave some track on media surface. In some case, ink contact electrical part cause short circuit, make big trouble to your printer. So, be carefull if you reset waste ink counter without replacing ink absorber. It strongly recommended that you replace ink absorber in case of waste ink counter reset. All right, I hope this will be useful for you all.

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Anonymous said...

where it can be found this ink absorber in the market? so that it can be replaced by a new ink absorber instead of resetting the ink absorber

Admin said...

It is sold only at canon authorized service center.