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Operational Mode of The Printer

Written By admin on June 20, 2008 | 7:02 PM

Generally, the printer has 3 operational modes: user mode, service mode, special mode. User mode is condition which printer normally operates as user commonly does. Service mode is condition which some service action (e.g. Clear EEPROM, print EEPROM data, clear waste ink counter, destination set, etc) can be accessed. Special mode is used to back up ink level data.

User mode & service mode are available for: BJC series, S series, i series (including XNU I series), PIXMA series, MP/MPC/MX series. While special mode available only for ip1200/1600/2200.

Here is the explanation:

Ip1200/1600/2200 are first generation of canon printer that use memory chip in cartridge.

When we install new original cartridge into the printer, then ink level will be displayed properly in computer monitor. Problem occurs when we change the cartridge with another cartridge, and we want reinstall the previous cartridge. The computer will display ‘Ink Level Unknown’, then we need to press Resume/Cancel button one or two times depend on number of cartridge that installed. To solve this problem, we need to back up ink level data that can be accessed in special mode (not service mode) so that ink level of previous cartridge can be restore and displayed properly.