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Ink Cartridge, Cartridge & Print head

Written By admin on June 04, 2008 | 6:05 PM

In inkjet printer terminology, we often hear following part name: ink cartridge, cartridge, and print head. These three parts are different thing. They are categorized in consumable part. So they will be worn out.

Ink cartridge (also called ink tank) is storage where the ink stored.

Picture 1. Ink Cartridge (Ink Tank)

Print head is part that produces bubble by thermal process (ink heating process) before it being dropped to media surface. Ink is to be installed in print head.

Picture 2. Printhead

The integration between ink cartridge (ink tank) and print head which is integrated in one assembly called cartridge. In other word, cartridge contains ink tank and print head. Note that ink cartridge (ink tank), cartidge, and print head are different. Have nice day!

Picture 3. Cartidge