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September 24, 2008

Deactivate Ink Level Detection Function

Hi guys!. Do you know that low ink or ink has run out message appears once the cartridge is empty. If you want to use refill ink in that cartridge then you need to deactivate (disable) ink level to get your printer run as usual. The following tips is to fix low ink error message in case of refill ink usage. Below some methods to deactivate (disable) ink level detection function for some models. Each method is applicable for a group of printer models due to its similarity.

Press RESUME/CANCEL button once.

Applicable Models:
BJC series: bjc3000,bjc8200,etc
S series: s400,s600,s800,s520,s6300,s9000etc
i Series: i255,i320,i350,i355,i450,i470d,i550,i560,i850,i950,i6100,
Pixma series: ip1000,ip1200,ip1300,ip1500,ip1600,ip1700,ip2000,ip2200,
Hold down RESUME/CANCEL button for 5 seconds or more

Applicable Models:
Pixma series: ip1880,1980,3300,3500,4200,4500,5200,6700d,pro9000,9500,ix4000,5000,etc
Press START button once.
* COLOR button for colour cartridge
* BLACK button for black cartridge

Applicable Models:
Pixma MP series: MP150,MP160,etc
Hold down STOP/RESET button for 5 seconds or more

Applicable models:
Pixma MP/MX series
: MP145,MP228,MP245,MP520,MP800,MX850,MP970,MX308,MX318,MX7600,etc
Press OK button
Applicable models:
Canon Pixma MP170,MP180,MP450,MP470,etc
Receive Fax Document after Deactivating Ink Level Detection Function


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I can't deactivate ink level with your method. I have a Canon MX 318.. I can print, but I can't receive fax after re-filling cartridge... Please help !! :(

Admin said...

Yeah!. You just did it. Be able to print means ink level detection function has been deactivated succesfully. Deactivate ink level detection function is a thing while receive fax in case of low ink or unknown ink level is another. To get fax document printed in this condition, please check my update post:
Receive Fax Document After Deactivating Ink Level Detection Function

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I'm having the same trouble with my Canon Pro 9000, which will not recognise two cartridges and give a low level ink warning. How do I deactivate the detection function on my printer please?



dr. Canon said...

Thanks for your comment. Well, I've just made little revision of this post to help you understand this post easier. Don't care about SEO as long as you're all more enjoyable. For canon pro9000 you use METHOD II listed above.

Helen Neale said...

Hi there - I have a Canon Pixma iP4500 - can't get any of these to work - can anyone help, please?


Anonymous said...

Help. THe methods above did not work for my new canon mx338 printer. Error U051 or fine cartridge cant be recognized or needs to be replaced. the print head is still ok. Please help. email me at thanks

Anonymous said...

I've tried to reset the canon iP1200 low ink counter but not having much success, tried all the different methods people have suggested including using GeneralTool.exe, tried pressing resetp/b once, tried holding it down for 5 sec, tried power down and disconnect the usb then power up while holding buttons.....nothing working for me....I'm ready to chuck the thing in the bin...but that's not being real "green".
Can someone please give me a solution that works

Anonymous said...

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Andry said...

after deactivate that function, how to activate that function again?
thank you

Admin said...

Hi Andry,
The printer will automatically restore this function after replacing the ink or cartridge with brand new genuine ink or cartridge.

Yuki said...

Thanks for the information
Really help me