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Error Message: More than one ink installed

Written By admin on September 25, 2008 | 8:34 AM

Ink Detection Error

Related Model:
Canon pixma ip3300,3500,4200,4500,5200,6600,6700,ix4000,5000,pro9000,9500

Here is the example of this problem i found in a site.
"I have a Canon Pixma MP500 all-in-one printer, and I have been receiving sporadic error messages. Either an ink is missing or “Error Number : 1681 More than one ink tank of the following color is installed. Magenta [8] Use only one ink tank per color at a time.” - both errors point to the Magenta ink tank."

This problem appears in canon printer that uses ink cli series (e.g cli8,pg5b). As usual, printer will perform initialize test including in detection test. In this case, printer detects that two or more identical ink installed in print head. Ink cli series have built in chip to store information such as ink identity, ink level, etc. If this chip is fault then printer cannot collect the information from it. But in some cases (e.g short circuitry in the chip) it's possible that the chip harms other part such as carriage unit (carriage part). Since they are connected in parallel, it's often that carriage unit is wrong in detecting the ink. Beware of this problem!. Installing new ink tank to the printer with this current problem cause new ink damage too. So, if you got this problem please don't take any risk!. It strongly recommended that you replace carriage part and suspected ink tank.