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Blinking in Orange/Green: 3 times

Written By admin on October 11, 2008 | 3:00 PM

Description: Line Feed Error

Related models:
bjc series: bjc3000,6200 etc
s series: s300,400,450,4500,520,600,820,6300,9000 etc
i series: i250,255,320,355,450,455,550,560,6100,6500,850,865,905d,950,9100 etc.
pixma series:
6000d,6230,6600d,6700d,ix4000,5000,pro 9000,9500, etc

This error showed up when printer fail in performing line feed (paper feed) operation (Line Feed = LF). Mostly, the problem caused by faulty paper feed sensor so that paper feed motor doesn’t move properly.

This problem may also occurred in case of displacement of belt of paper feed motor or in some case of service action, setting belt of paper feed too tight or dirty film timing slit disc will cause the same symptom . Rarely, faulty paper feed motor may shows the same.
Overall, faulty paper feed sensor is mostly happen in daily experience.

Remedial action:
  • Replace paper feed sensor (in some models, paper feed sensor is integrated in logic board of the printer. So, replace the board in this case)
  • Loosen belt of paper motor
  • Replace paper feed motor.