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Remaining Ink Level Detection Function of Canon Pixma iP1200,1300,1600,1700,1800,1880,2200,2580

Written By admin on October 18, 2008 | 9:14 PM

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Canon Pixma iP1200,1300,1600,1700,1800.1880,2200,2580

These printer have a function to detect the remaining ink level in the ink cartridge.
Detection method:
Dot counting (Counted for each BK/CL ink cartridge). Especially for CL cartridge: The remaining ink level is detected by total counted dot values of 3 colors of ink.
Display method:
Displayed on the Status Monitor (at 4 levels listed below for each BK/CL ink cartridge)
Level 1: Approx. 70% of ink remaining
Level 2: Approx. 40% of ink remaining
Level 3: Indication of “!” mark (Remaining ink level is low)
Level 4: Indication of “X” mark (No ink remaining)

The margin of error of detection accuracy is +/-10% in normal printing.
The margin of error is likely to be large in the following specific print patterns:
When printing continuously using any one of the CMY colors of ink
> As the remaining ink level is calculated by the counted dot value of the least remaining ink of 3 colors, if any of the C/M/Y inks is heavily consumed, the margin of error for remaining ink increases.
When performing continuous BK solid printing
> With continuous printing, ink flow from the tank to the ink chamber can be
interrupted, after which ink remains unused in the tank.
- When a once-used ink cartridge is installed, the actual remaining ink level is not detected, and an error indicating the remaining ink amount is unknown occurs.
Deactivating ink level detection function will clear the error, and printing can be done. In other word, the function to detect the remaining ink amount is disabled (ink status is not displayed).
e.g.: An ink cartridge was once used in another printer.
A current ink cartridge is removed from the printer.
-> A new ink cartridge is installed.
->The removed ink cartridge is installed again after removing the new ink cartridge.
- Due to the specific print pattern, the actual remaining ink level does not match the indicated remaining ink level.
This is because a detection error can be large in specific print patterns (such as continuous printing using any one of the CMY colors of ink or continuous solid printing, etc.).

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