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Blinking in Orange : 4 times

Written By admin on May 22, 2008 | 7:28 PM

Description: Low Ink Warning / Ink Runs Out

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Canon bjc series: bjc3000,6200
Canon s series: s300,400,450,4500,520,600,820,6300,9000
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Canon pixma series:
4500,5200,6000d,6230d,6600d,6700d,ix4000,5000,pro 9000,9500

The indication shows that low ink warning or ink has run out happens. When the indication appears, press Resume button to continue printing remaining documents. Even tough the indication has shown up, physically some ink still remain in sponge in cartridge.

Remedial action:
Deactivate ink level ink level detection function: In case of using refill ink, the problems will remain due to ink level data is stored in chip memory in the cartridge. You can do this tricks tentatively. Ink level will display to proper point every time you replace the cartridge with new one.
Replace cartridge with new one.

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