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Blinking in Orange : 3 times

Written By admin on May 21, 2008 | 8:48 PM

Description: Paper Jam error

Related models:
s series: s300,400,450,4500,520,600,820,6300,9000
i series: i250,255,320,355,450,455,550,560,6100,6500,850,865,905d,950,9100
pixma series:
4500,5200,6000d,6230d,6600d,6700d,ix4000,5000,pro 9000,9500

This error indicates that sheet feed unit cannot feed the paper properly, so the paper sensor stay ON. Note that, in some cases, missing of paper sensor spring can make the same indication. For this one, the error preceded by successful printing process.

Remedial action:
  • Remove the jam paper, then press RESUME button.
  • Replace missing paper sensor spring.
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