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Blinking in Orange : 5 times

Written By admin on May 22, 2008 | 7:30 PM

Description: No Cartridge/Print head Installed

Related models:
Canon s series: s300,400,450,4500,520,600,820,6300,9000
Canon i series:
Canon pixma series:
4500,5200,6000d,6230d,6600d,6700d,ix4000,5000,pro 9000,9500

This indicates that printer cannot detect the cartridge in the printer. These are possibilities due to the problem:
  • There are no cartridge installed in the printer
  • Cartridge error so that the printer cannot detect the cartridge.
  • Carriage unit error so there is no communication between cartridge and the printer.
  • The last, logic board error so cannot detect the cartridge.
Remedial action:
  • Replace cartridge
  • Replace carriage unit
  • Replace logic board