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Identify Error Indicator of Canon Inkjet Printer

Written By admin on May 01, 2008 | 12:24 PM

Our topic today is How to Identify Error Indicator of Canon inkjet printer. First, we should understand indication shown by LED indicator. Each phenomenon is represented by flashing LED. ERROR in the printer is represented by Blinking in Orange (Alarm LED) or combination of Orange (Alarm LED) and Green (Power LED). And the PROCESS is represented by Blinking in Green.
There are two types of error indicated by blinking LED. Blinking in orange (Alarm LED) indicates OPERATOR CALL ERROR and blinking in orange/green alternately indicates SERVICE CALL ERROR. Please check here for more details about error type of Canon printer.
Each error indicator mentioned above has certain count. How to count error indicator that indicated by flashing LED?. Well, take a look at your printer. For the first time the printer turned on, power LED (green) will flash and immediately goes standby about 5 seconds then the printer starts blinking in certain number with interval about 2 seconds. The end of count is when the power LED standby about 5 second again. Afterward the process will cycle from the beginning.
How many times LED indicator blinks tells us what is the error occurs on the printer.