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PIXMA: Behind Logo Type Design

Written By admin on October 02, 2009 | 7:41 PM

PI = Pixel; represent the highest image quality.
= Maximum and Power; represent the greatest speed.

In this chance we talk about history of Canon inkjet printer PIXMA series name and logo type design.

The 'X' in the PIXMA logo type design expresses the Canon approach. The 'X' symbolize the close link beetwen input and ouput.As the world's only manufaccturer with technological capabilities from the input through output stages,Canon will continue to deliver prouducts that can print extremely precise input with the highest quality and greatest speed. This 'X' represent this goal that only Canon can achieve.

The three types of DNA backing up the PIXMA commitment.

EOS Digital DNA: Photographic Technology

This is the EOS Digital DNA from Canon's starting point: cameras.

imageRUNNER DNA: Copier Technology
PIXMA image processing is conducted through the incorporation of advanced digital color-copier technology.

Inkjet printing technology DNA: Print Head Technology
This is the inkjet printing technology DNA. Canon's print head technology,which stands at the apex of the world's inkjet printers,serves as the foundation for PIXMA .