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October 18, 2009

Error Message: Ink Tank not Installed

Related Models:
Canon Pixma MX700,MX850,MX7600,etc


Ink Tank Cannot be Recognized

Error Code:
U043 (displasy in LCD)
1660 (displasy in PC monitor)

This error occurs when ink tank indicated by the error message cannot be detected by the printer (printer assume that ink tank is absent). In other word,no communication between ink tank and printer board.
If you get this problem do not rush to conclusion that ink tank is faulty. Ink tank cannot be recognized due to several reasons: ink tank not installed properly,ink tank chip (built in) is faulty, carriage unit is faulty, and last logic board is faulty (rarely).
So,here is some remedial action you should do:
  • Remove and reinstall ink tank properly,confirm that the LED's of all ink tanks light reds.
  • Replace ink tank
  • Replace carriage unit
  • Replace logic board
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