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Some Notice in Using General Tool for Canon Printer

Written By admin on August 16, 2008 | 11:41 AM

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After knowing how to reset waste ink counter of the printer, probably we have some problems in using general tools?. Check this out!. Here are some notice in using general tools:
  • Don't forget to change file attribute to 'Archive' since general tools contain some self written file. Apply to all over file in the folder.
  • If message 'Port name not regist' please reinstall Ms. Windows. Sometimes, general tools require a fresh Windows.
  • In case of no USB port appear in port menu,please install printer driver.
  • Some general tools work on similar model, but may not properly work. E.g. General tools for ip1700 can be used to reset waste ink counter of ip1880,but doesn't work to reset EEPROM data.
  • It's strongly recommended to replace waste ink absorber in case of resetting waste ink counter. See here for details!
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