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Blinking in orange: 9 times

Written By admin on November 09, 2008 | 9:12 PM

Error code: 2001
The connected digital camera or digital video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing

Related models:
i series: i80
pixma series:
6700d,8500,ix4000,5000,pro 9000,9500

This error occurs when printer and the camera which connected to it cannot comunicate properly so printer assume that the camera does not support direct printing operation. First, make sure that the camera support direct printing. Then remove the cable between camera and printer and reconnect it. Faulty cable may cause the same problem so you may try changing the cable. If problem still persist, it's likely that the logic board of the printer is faulty and need replacement.

Remedial action:
  • Connect only camera which support Camera Direct Printing operation
  • Remove the cable between camera and printer and reconnect it
  • Change the cable between camera and printer
  • Replace logic board

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