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Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma MP110 (Complete Steps)

Written By admin on November 22, 2009 | 10:57 AM

Applicable Models:
Canon Pixma MP110,MP130
In the previous post I have written the procedure how to reset waste ink counter Canon Pixma MP110 to fix absorber full error. I split the procedure in to part: enter service mode and reset procedure itself. If you don't like the split procedure here I rewrite the complete one.

I. Enter Service Mode
    • Turn ON the printer
    • Press these button in the following order correctly: MENU,SCAN,COPY,SCAN
    II. Reset Waste Ink Counter
    • Press right arrow untill 'COUNTER ACCESS' appears
    • Press OK
    • Press right arrow untill 'ABS-M DOT COUNT' appears
    • Press COPY button
    • Set 'ABS-M DOT COUNT' to 0 by pressing left arrow
    • Press OK
    • Press STOP/RESET to exit service mode
      Your printer should work normally now.
      Download the procedure here