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Canon Pixma MP170: Check Ink U161

Written By admin on January 23, 2010 | 6:56 AM

Related Models:
Canon Pixma MP170,MP180
Error Message:
The following ink cartridge has previously been used
Error Code: U161
The message 'The following ink cartridge has previously been used: Color' appears when I installed CL41 cartridge into a Canon Pixma MP170 multifunctional printer while 'Check ink U161' appears on printer display. What's wrong?. The printer detects that the cartridge has been used before.
Okay. Keep reading. Installing used cartridges into a Canon Pixma MP170 (and some models of Canon inkjet printer) will make the ink level detection function disabled since the ink level cannot be properly detected. Unfortunately,this makes ink level detection function does not work even though we reinstall the original cartridge of the printer back. Ink level keep undetected until a brand new cartridge is installed.

Deactivated Ink Level Detection Function