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Canon Launched 3 New Large Format Printers

Written By admin on March 10, 2010 | 9:31 PM

Large format printer market seems still very attractive. Proven, Canon launched the new product of large-format printer with high quality.

There are three new printers Canon launched. Namely, ImagePrograf IPF IPF 750 and 755 for the print size A0, and IPF 650 for A1-size. The three printers are designed to meet the segment of Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Architecture Engineering and Construction and various other needs.

The new printer series with a five-color ink is a refinement of previous printer series. In addition, the series is also equipped with several new features. For example, in terms of smaller dimensions, but still has a size 36-inch print width for A0.

Besides the dimensions, position the paper roll is placed on the top of the printer so that helps the process of installation or replacement of paper roll is very easy. Tubes that run out of ink can be changed on the fly. That is, the replacement of the ink tube without interrupting the printing process is running so as not to interfere with productivity.

Another convenience feature is the availability of print plug-in for microsoft office programs. This feature makes large-format printing function of word documents, excel to power point becomes very easy. This product is designed as a superior product is user friendly.