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HP Uses Recycled Plastic To Produce New Printer Cartridge

Written By admin on March 17, 2010 | 4:26 AM

As one of major brand of printer manufacturer in the world Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced a new breakthrough in the process of recycling plastic that allows consumers to recycle HP old inkjet cartridges to a new original one. HP announced a new breakthrough in the process of recycling plastic that allows consumers to recycle HP inkjet cartridges new original.
HP used more than 5 million pounds of recycled plastic in production of its inkjet cartridges last year, then HP is committed to continue using the same material twice as much in 2008.
Until now, more than 200 million cartridges have been manufactured using this process. "By developing technologies that make the HP can use recycled plastic back for the manufacture of original HP inkjet print cartridges, we have the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of the earth," said Senior Vice President, Supplies, Imaging and Printing Group, HP Michael Hoffmann.
"HP's investment in building a recycling infrastructure makes us hope that all aspire is likely to be achieved. As for now we have reaped just the beginning of the realization of a greater hope of the future," he added, as quoted from the official description HP.
HP has a recovery program HP inkjet cartridges through HP Planet Partners. This program allows the recycling process of multi-phase cartridges used to melt raw materials such as plastics and metals. HP combines plastic from the inkjet cartridges with recycled bottle and some other additives to ensure all recycled materials meet HP's standards of high performance.
The amount of recycled content in these HP inkjet cartridges may vary between 70 to 100 percent of the total plastic used, but the reliability results for each product are stringently tested and consistent across the program.
As a form of recognition of HP's approach to using recycled content, the Society of Plastics Engineers, a trade organization for plastics professionals, plans to give most prestigious award in terms of environmental conservation to HP in the event the Global Plastics Environmental Conference held in March next .
"The use of recycled plastics by HP in technical applications as the high standard set for inkjetnya cartridges, indicate that these innovations have the same high standards," said Larry Koester, Vice President of Communications, Environmental Division, Society of Plastics Engineers.
"This monumental achievement was created after going through the efforts of environmental preservation has been carried out intensively over many years by HP and its partners"