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Access Maintenance Menu of Canon Pixma MP638

Written By admin on December 24, 2009 | 9:35 PM

Canon Pixma MP638 is one of the latest canon multifunction printer which has Easy Scroll Wheel button. This button allow us move from one menu to another.

In this chance I will lead you how to access maintenance menu of this printer without PC.

  1. Scroll the Easy Scroll Wheel until SETTING menu appears, press OK button
  2. When MAINTENANCE menu appears, press OK button
  3. Select the maintenance operation to perform:
  • Nozzle Check Pattern: Print current pattern of the print head to check nozzle condition.
  • Cleaning: Clean the print head nozzle to prevent it from clogging or to unclog the print head.
  • Deep Cleaning: Perform cleaning operation with the longer duration.
  • Auto Head Alignment: Align the print head automatically.
  • Manual Head Alignment: Align the print head manually.
  • Head Alignment Print: Print current value (pattern) of the print head alignment.
  • Roller Cleaning: Execute paper feed roller cleaning operation.
  • Bottom Plate Cleaning: Execute bottom plate cleaning operation.
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