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Canon Pixma iP1200 Self Test: Checking Nozzle Pattern Without Computer

Written By admin on December 30, 2009 | 4:54 AM

Applicable models:
Canon Pixma iP series: iP1200,iP1600,iP2200,iP1300,iP1700,iP1880,iP2580,iP1980
How can we check whether the printer work normally or not while we have no computer to connect?.  Well,actually we can perform self test on Canon pixma iP series listed above  without being connected to the computer. Just do following procedure.

  • Power ON the printer and make sure that the cartridge are installed
  • Set the paper in paper tray
  • In stand by condition, press RESUME button 5 times in a row within 2 seconds (The printer will start printing immediately).
The print out pattern should be like this: