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How To Reset Ink Level of FINE Cartridge by Using iPTools Software

Written By admin on April 29, 2010 | 7:42 AM

Our topic today is how to reset ink level of FINE cartridge such as PG40B,CL41C,PG830B,and CL831C by using iPTool universal resetter. iPTools software, as far as I know,is not Canon officially released software. Someone with high creativity has created it.
Follow below procedure to reset ink level of FINE cartridge listed above.

  • Preparation: get iPTools universal reseter
  • Turn the printer on and connect it to the computer
  • Run iPTools universal resetter (make sure that printer driver has been installed)
  • Reset ink counter by clicking Reset Black and Reset Colour button.
Note on using iPTools:
  • iPTools is applicable only for: iP1200,iP1300,iP1600,iP1700,iP1880 series
  • Do not installed the cartridge that ink level has been reset to another printer for ink level will be back to original condition
  • Do not installed another cartridge in printer that used in resetting ink level for the same reason mentioned above