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Why Genuine Ink Cartridge and Paper?

Written By admin on April 12, 2010 | 6:29 AM

Actually, there are some reasons why major brand printer vendor such as Canon,Epson,Lexmark,HP,etc recommend genuine consumable to inkjet printer user. Inkjet printer genuine consumable such as ink and paper are developed specifically for use with certain inkjet printers. In order to maintain the performance of your printer,it's strongly recommended that you use genuine ink cartridge. Using compatible ink cartridge (including ink cartridge refilled with non-genuine ink through a drilled hole) may cause damage to your printer.

Deterioration in print quality or any other detrimental effect on print performance. The product warranty for your printer would not be applied to any trouble caused by use of non-genuine ink cartridge. After sales service for such trouble would be provided on fee-chargeable basis within the warranty period. Please have the above in mind when you use non-genuine ink cartridges from the third party!.