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How To Reset Waste Ink Counter Epson CX6500 Manually

Written By admin on April 26, 2010 | 12:51 AM

At this chance we talk about how to reset waste ink counter Epson CX6500. Epson CX6500 is a multifunction printer for SOHO user. When ink absorber of this all in one printer is full, reset waste ink counter is needed.
There are two method that we can use as usual to reset waste ink counter Epson CX6500 multifunction inkjet printer: manual reset by button pressing combination and by using SSC software. To reset waste ink counter of this printer manually,please check the following steps.


  • Press and hold B/W + COLOR + STOP button
  • Press POWER button, do not release all the buttons until you see the light indicator is blinking and then a message appears on the LCD display
  • Release all the buttons
  • Press the COLOR button to clear protection counter
  • Turn the printer off by pressing POWER button