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Tutorial How To Reset Waste Ink Counter MX308 and MX318

Written By admin on April 10, 2010 | 9:58 PM

Applicable Models:
Canon Pixma MX308,MX318
When ink absorber of Canon Pixma MX308 or MX318 is full, the printer will show error message 'Check Printer 5B00' on the printer display while 'Waste Ink Absorber Full' shows on the monitor. Do you know how to clear this error?. To fix this error you must reset waste ink counter of the printer. The procedure is listed below in chronological  order to help you perform the reset procedure correctly.


I. Enter Service Mode:

  • Plug in power cable
  • Hold down STOP/RESET button
  • Hold down POWER button
  • Release STOP/RESET
  • Press STOP/RESET twice in a row
Now the printer is already in service in service mode.

II.Execute Waste Ink Counter Reset Operation:

  • Set a piece of A4 paper in paper tray
  • Press STOP/RESET button 4 times (POWER lamp and ALARM lamp will blink alternately each time the button is pressed)
  • Turn off the printer by pressing POWER button (The printer will print waste ink counter data before going  off)
When you turn on the printer,waste ink absorber full error is cleared and the printer work normally.