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Printer Driver Add On Module for Windows 7

Written By admin on April 04, 2010 | 4:12 PM

Some of inkjet printer user use windows 7 OS nowadays. May be you are one of them. As we know that windows 7 accommodate more device so it can be automatically detected on windows 7 (Plug and Play). The problem rise when user try to install their printer on that OS. The printer did not work. That is common problem used to happen to printer user.
For example, you use Canon Pixma iP1880. In order to work properly the printer need an add on module to install on windows 7.
Add on module in this case is a software that will expand the functionality of the printer driver. Commonly the printer vendor regularly update the driver and other supporting software for it. You can check it out on their website. Some of printer driver update are available on this blog.:)
 Remember that like other windows OS, windows 7 is released in 2 version 32 bit and 64 bit. Please make sure that the add on module supports the version of your windows 7. Have a nice experience using windows 7 with your printer!.